*The simple rules*

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*The simple rules*

Postby Buetang » Mon Oct 20, 2003 7:22 am

1.) Post detailed info about the item(s) you are selling the first time! ie: Color, Size, CONDITION... No one wants to have to ask what size a bike is or what kind of shape its in. This should be in the first post.

2.) Do not post a link to your add on other sites w/out posting the info about your item here also. If this site isn't good enough for your info, then your add isn't good enough for this site. It will be locked and/or deleted if you don't have the info posted.

3.) Pictures are your friend. Pictures aren't required, but they do help sell stuff. If you can e-mail pictures...you can post them up here. It'll save you time and the people that think they might be interested in your crap.. No one wants to wait to see what they're trying to buy. That's why we have this: PHOTO HOSTING You can host photos here, then...paste them HERE! wow, technology.

4.) That's it. Simple? Bueller?

[sub6 adds] 5.) Don't reply to somebody's ad with a link to your OWN ad selling the same thing. That's rude and it's just gonna get deleted. And if you do it in one of the mods' bro's ads, your own ad may disappear. Capiche? [sub6 out.....]
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