A final reply to Shawn

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A final reply to Shawn

Postby Hcor » Wed Oct 18, 2006 3:30 pm

The following is in response to Shawn of Diablo Freeride Park regarding some changes that were apparently made to his little forum profile on our website “Hcor.net”. For those who do not know Hcor.net is the Mountain Bike based website created by Brady and myself through countless hours in the last five years and at our own expense in order to bring something fresh and original to the riding community. Most of Shawn’s comments and insults directed at me are almost always either posted to the general forum public, spoken behind my back, or sent to Brady. Since Shawn finds it appropriate to discuss his feelings about me and my website to everyone other than myself directly with no chance to reply. I feel it is only fair to respond in a similar manner.

Since it seems that I am being accused of changing something in your profile signature, I wanted to start by saying that what I did see changed in your profile rings very true. It is obvious that whoever made these changes knows you quite well. Since you decided to include me as a subject in your personal tirades to Brady, the site in general, but mostly myself, I will address them directly.

“It was nice of you to delete my post. Whats the matter? You don't want the users of HCOR to know that you guys resort to such childish games? Seriously man, its pretty lame that you would let something like that happen. Does Jon Sherman still wear the pants in this relationship? Its
interesting, the 'poor' kid gets fired (again) and has nothing better to do then take cheap shots on the internet. Its a shame man....HCOR used to be real cool, but you guys are certainly scaring off people in

Brady deleted your ridiculous post because he didn’t have time to deal with a long non bike related pissing match with site bashing, shit talking, and insults as the primary content. You are blaming me for something yet you feel compelled to try and demean Brady by using me as a catalyst. You then resort to discussing a very personal and painful part of my livelihood knowing full well this would get back to me. Information I’m sure you obtained from either stalking me or checkin up on me on my personal blog. Talk all you want on your computer Mr. Diablo. You know full well if you were to talk like that in my presence you would be eating through a straw.

“That is in very poor taste. Perhaps that's why the popularity of HCOR is dwindling and its almost become a punchline amongst many of the riders. It went from core, to bore. I try to bring value to the site, since actual site updates are few and far between, by adding updates about about Diablo since Diablo is THE most visited mountain bike park in America.

Care to elaborate?”

Let me elaborate,
Once again instead of just being an adult and a professional and working on your neglected trail system you instead choose to partake in trivial web chat bullshit. You immediately resort to insulting and trash talking the site you seem to spend quite a bit of time on. You even feel the need to tell us about what some so called “riders” seem to think. Shawn we know you made that whole “punchline” thing up, I can see how you might think that quoting the riding community might upset us. You are attempting to do what you are best at, and that’s hurting people to cover your tremendous insecurity.

Adding value? This is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever read. You barely added value back before Diablo was buying you German sports cars and big homes on the hill. Back when you actually submitted updates to us, back when you called me personally to ask for some help. Back before you were rolling in the dough and discarding everyone that helped you get there. Site updates are few and far between because of a ridiculous amount of selfish self centered individuals like yourself in this already broke sport who do not care enough to send out updates or offer anything unless its somehow earns them dividends. We gave the local riders a forum for FREE, and we even gave each riding area its own forum. I even gave you moderator privileges to help you out. You want to talk about adding value? How about the value I/we have added to Diablo. Countless articles written, videos, pictures, web and non web based promotion, trail work, etc. All for what? To have you belittle everthing we have done and watch you take personal stabs at the very people that helped put you where you are?

Posting your own promo’s and press releases, and running flash based advertising in your profile is not adding value. It is exploiting the site and taking advantage of our time and effort at no cost to you. We added value to you, and you offer us nothing. We run ads for site donations and you don’t seem to feel we are important enough to chip in. You are quick to offer free season passes however to people who save you money on closing costs when buying your Diablo fed homes.

“by adding updates about about Diablo since Diablo is THE most visited mountain bike park in America.”

Diablo is one of the ONLY mountain bike parks in America, and it pales in comparison to some of its sisters north of the border, and I'm not just talking about terrain. What is great about Diablo was great about Mountain Creek. The riders and the people that made it what it was. Much of what makes Diablo fun was there way before you cashed in on the sport.

So you think its appropriate that a member of your staff went into my personal account and changed private information? Exactly what kind of site are you running? I am not going to get into a pissing war with you, but if you step back and analyze the situation, you'll clearly see where I am coming from. I am fairly certain it was Jon that did this, its just a shame that you aren't professional enough tol take responsibility for this and change back some of the items.

Since you are “fairly certain” that it was me that did this, than I am 50% positive that it wasn’t me. In any case, there is nothing private about your account on OUR site. You are not a paying customer, you are not even a customer. We do not employ a staff. As a matter of fact it is known to Brady and I that you have changed, edited, and deleted your customers posts in the Diablo forum using and abusing your admin rights. You somehow think that is appropriate? With as much shit talking and insulting you have directed at the site in the past few years, I cannot understand why you would even care unless the site was adding the value to you. You are the last person who should be discussing professionalism or website etiquette. Many of your comments and actions in regards to this site alone speak for themselves. You are not being forced to visit our website. You are free to create your own forums again on your own website, where they will probably fail again. It takes more than a fat wallet to create a riding community. You are not a rider, and you lack any credibility. All you have is the title to a park with a pre-made scene built by the riders, many of which you have also severed ties with.

I will end with this, as I have already expended way too much effort and have given you far too much credit by even responding to this BS. You have proven yourself to be a selfish, cold, and hurtful person with no sense of loyalty, honor, or friendship. You seem to destroy every relationship in which you are a part of. My own observations are enough for me to make my own judgments. However, I cannot begin to tell you how many people have made me aware of their hatred and disdain for you. Professional and amateur riders, co-workers, previous friends, forum users, industry people, the list goes on. From poor treatment of many riders, the single most important part of our sport, to screwing over sponsors, past employees, and promoters, backing out of contracts, just to name a few. You have certainly developed a reputation. Along the way you somehow decided to have a personal problem with me, the website, and now Brady as well. Well your new profile “title” is very fitting at this point, as you have definitely burned this bridge. Shortly the Diablo forums will be gone from its current state and you will be removed as a user as you have nothing to offer the site or this riding community. You can create your own forums and run them as you wish. I will not wish you luck as I couldn’t care less about you or your feelings about me. What is a shame is that so many people feel this way but cannot say anything out of fear of losing some sort of business deal, riding privilege, etc. I am the one delivering this message now, but I can tell you I am speaking for countless individuals whom for whatever reason cannot or will not speak their mind. Stepping on and over people to get ahead creates an emotional debt you will pay dearly for. In the end, you will be the one sitting alone every night in your big house with all your money wondering why you have no one.


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